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Default Re: Russell Westbrook analysis

Westbrook is one of the strongest and quickest guys I have seen and the best player I have ran against in an open court (I've ran with alot of SoCal guys like Ariza, the entire Shipp family, Marcus Williams to name a few.)

Westbrook uses both his strength and quickness to get to the rim at ease. I think Westbrook can be compared to how Steve Francis played in his prime. A very athletic and fast guard that can attack the rim but needs work on his jumper. Like alot of players Russell can hit the 3 with regularity when his feet are set but he will have to start working on creating that shot for himself. Defensively, Russell is NBA ready. I've seen him shut down guys like Kevin Durant, Nick Young, Jeff Trepagnier, and Jason Kapono just to name a few in open runs.
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