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Default Re: Why the hell isn't Bargnani taking part in summerleague?

Originally Posted by BrownBaller
LOL are you serious?!?! Joey Graham averages like 18-20 ppg in the summer league like wright and yaa i can see u watch basketball thinking they both had an impact in the reg. season... I maybe if you could read full posts instead of blabbin off, i said Noah has balls in the post, he has some post skill to build on in summer league, Bargs doesn't. and yes Stuckey is way past Bargs, also why i would have him in 5 on 5 not Bargs, like everyone has been saying on this topic, Bargs needs fundamentals before anything.

and seriously? people want johnson?? i didnt even know/hear nothing about it ..he's not even making much noise

This first paragraph is barely coherent.

Why you are comparing Joey Graham to Brandon Wright is beyond me. I never said Graham had any impact and he won't. Brandon has way less miles then Graham, and Brandon will in fact be a factor in the near future. He is playing and getting better in the summer.

Sounds like we're in agreement that Noah is better then Bargs...but he's playing in the summer too, getting better.

It's such a warped logic that people think Bargs is so terrible that he can't improve by playing in games. That he needs to work on such basic things in practice against pylons, assistant coaches, coat racks and such,that he's not even capable of playing in a game situation. If that is in fact true, that is the most hilarious, and pathetic situation possible. He's gone from #1 overall pick, to not being able to hold his own in an exhibition game. We're in more trouble then I thought then.

And yes, Amir Johnson is basically untouchable, along with Stuckey, for the Pistons. Think of how the Wiz view Blatche...similar.
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