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Default Re: Why the hell isn't Bargnani taking part in summerleague?

Originally Posted by bokes15
I agree that he's capable of being a viable and good NBA player.. but he hasn't proven it yet. And I tend to lean more towards actual game action rather than sets and drills. Do people think he's gonna get more confidence practicing? He's been doing that for two years and it's made no difference. If he was in summer league, his confidence would grow by playing against rookies and scrubs. Off the top of my head I know that Gerald Green, Kevin Durant, Nate Robinson, Ronaldo Balkman, and a bunch of other 2-3 year players are in summer league and are probably planning to attend a team practice when its done as well. It's not a huge obligation, he could do both.

Bokes, Green, Durant, Robinson, Balkman and just about anybody else you would have mentioned did not play summer ball the last two years representing their country trying to make it to the Olympics. Bargs played his last year in Italy through the playoff to the championships, get's drafted first overalll and plays for Italy in the summer. He then plays his first full year in the NBA and returns to Italy for another summer of international ball. By the time his second season starts in the NBA he hasn't had a break. He got ripped by the Italian coach in the Italian press last summer that I think really hurt his confidense coming into last season and he never recovered.

Bargs need's some time away from the game. I still think that hitting the weights and putting 10 to 15 pounds of muscle is the best thing he can do before he get's to the big man camp. Nothing brings confidense like new found mass.

I still think Bargs has lot to show us, and like everybody else I hope he does. He's not a washout because Q say's he is. Q just does not like Bargs, I respect that. I was not the biggest TJ fan. But think back to his first year, Bargs made some sweet plays. That between his legs bounce pass to Bosh following him in the paint, coaching does not teach a player that, that's conected. He's got it in him, he just need's to step up, and I think he will.
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