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Default Re: Ukic inked for 3 years

Originally Posted by BrownBaller
do i remember wrong, or at one point was this guy projected as a lottery pick on wayy back when? Also I feel a small reason he signed is the team he played for just signed brandon jennings who would probably take the keys to the team cause he is after all the #1 rated PG of the class of 2009

..hopefully roko can show us something, i'm lookin forward to it

He was expected to go in the 12-18 range in his draft, but he dropped like a stone come draft day because he had to pay his own buyout with his European Club, and most teams expected him to just stay over in Europe rather then coming to the NBA and paying the buyout with his money (since he'd make more money in Europe then on his rookie salary), hence why he slid to the Raptors at 41 and why it's been like 3-4 years before he's finally making it over to the NBA.
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