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Default Re: Clipper-Nation Roll Call!

Originally Posted by qrich

Please any, and all Clipper fans, take your time to fill out your "Boarding Pass" to the Clippers ship.

Location: seattle wa

Favorite Clippers Player: current-- baron davis

Favorite Clippers/braves of the Past: ron harper, danny manning, ernie digregorio; bob mcadoo

Number of Clipper Games Attended: many during the 1986-1988, 1993, 1999-2003 seasons when i lived in lala land

Other Fav. Teams (All Sports): sonics, seahawks, mariners, UW huskies, knicks, yankees, oakland raiders

Why you became a Clippers fan: lakers tix were too expensive and everyone was a lakers fan; the clippers fans were more blue collar and the games were animiated despite the sparse crowds in the sports arena

Anything else? Feel free to add more:

some scattered clipper thoughts:

  • i was saddened to see EB go-- especially under the suspicious circumstances
  • EB's absence could open the door for al thornton to have a breakout year
  • camby ought to make the clips stronger defensively which is always good
  • camby and kamen can flourish into a great combo on the court at the same time
  • i like the baron davis pickup
  • sad to see that shaun livingston is probably moving on
  • kamen is an underrated center
  • q.ross should get more props around the league especially for his defense
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