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Default Re: Dalembert, Team Canada go separate ways

I am a bit divided on this. On one hand, a bad attitude Dalembert is better than no Dalembert at all. On the other hand, I agree that no one player is bigger than the team. I am not completely convinced that Dalembert lacks committment for team Canada. I don't doubt that he might have a bit of attitude problem, thinking that he deserves special treatment because the rest of his teammates are no where near his caliber. However, I think Leo Rautins over reacted just a bit too much. He needs Dalembert. A good coach would have worked out his differences with his key player before it gets to this point. This shows that we have a young coach who lacks interpersonal skills. He may have won the battle, proving that no one on his team will get special treatment, but he lost the war. Canada will not qualify for Beijing 2008 without Dalembert.
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