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Default Re: Dalembert, Team Canada go separate ways

Hold on here folks. Their is absolutely no justification for team Canada to dump an established NBA player during an Olympic qualifying tournament. Dalembert would have had to get caught with drugs or broken a very grievous law.

Leo blew this big time. Embarrassing an NBA player by booting him off our team in this manner has repercussions that Leo can't begin to understand. Team Canada should have had a "chef de mission" that would be dealing with a rogue player and not the coach.

And Leo was not happy enough booting him out, he had to embarrass him by saying the things he has said after the incident. I would have thought that after thinking about the incident that Leo would have showed some professionalism and taken the heat for what ever happened. But Leo has not shown any class or maturity what so ever.

If there had been some issues with Sam, things should have been worked out long before Athens.

The coach takes the hit on this one in my opinion
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