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Originally Posted by raiderfan19
Thats my point, when you multiply it by 10 you are changing the value of it. Thats why you cant multiply an infinite decimal in truth. Because it never ends and when you try to use it later in a question you have changed a value.
No you aren't

.9r * 10 is 9.9r

There is no changed value

Because the answer is still an infinity...

THink of it this way, for you, I am not thinking of this way

.9r is closest to 1
that must mean
9.9r is closest to 10...

in your theory

So how is the value changed?

Google in

"0.9 repeating equals = 1"

and see what you get...

Regular people just don't get it, becuase they use commen sense, but all the mathmaticians...They no its equal...Thats the difference
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