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Default Re: Why the hell isn't Bargnani taking part in summerleague?

I’m not sure if some people think Andrea Bargnani’s been lying on the couch snacking on bon-bons all summer (I get a lot of questions asking if he’s “been following the program and working out”) but he hasn’t been.

And they’ll get to check on him as early as tomorrow.

I’m told he’s supposed to be at Impact Basketball, the venerable workout gym in Las Vegas, either tomorrow or Sunday for a week and then he’s sticking around to work at Tim Grgich’s big man camp right after that.

And he won’t be too far from the prying eyes of his bosses. Strength and conditioning guru Keith D’Amelia will be around Impact and Eric Hughes, who’s been coaching the summer league team, is going to be a guest coach at the big man camp.

So, yes, Bargnani is doing stuff.

There’ll be a big group of Raptors at Impact, too, I’m told.

Jermaine O’Neal’s there almost every day, Hassan Adams is sticking around after the summer league’s over and so is Nathan Jawai.

Bargs is not snacking on bon bons & JO is working out everyday. Things are looking good for next season.
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