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Default Re: Where is the Moon Man???

actually the raptors wanted jamario to take the summer off from basketball (or at least a good chunk of it). The reason is that he has been playing or practicing almost every day for the past 4 years. Because he was playing in these smaller leagues he had to in order to make any money. He would play in summer leagues, with the globetrotters, whatever he could do.
Of course playing in those leagues doesn't put the type of strain as the nba on the body. so i think the raptors wanted him to come into camp with a well rested body. who knows what he'll be capable of because we've never seen him rested. I still maintain that jamario has the ability to improve a lot this season and become a very very good sf. a poor man's gerald wallace perhaps. this is why i'd like the raptors to look at upgrading the 2g. I feel pretty good about moon/kapono. if we could get mike miller, or kevin martin or francisco garcia i would be very pleased.
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