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Default Re: What kind of contract do you think Bargnani will get?

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I just don't think he has much of a future in TO and the JO deal sealed that IMO. Bargnani had trouble getting minutes behind Bosh and Rasho. It's only going to be harder behind Bosh and O'Neal now. The Raptors now appear to be a team that wants to win in the next couple years and there is no time to dick around doing everything possible to fit Bargnani into the lineup.

I still feel like Colangelo made the JO deal with the best of both worlds in mind - ie hopefully O'Neal helps them win now and get to a 50-win team these next couple years, and if Bargnani has figured it out to the point that he's worth a contract, we let 32-year old O'Neal walk when his contract is over and lock up Andrea. Conversely, if Bargnani has still done nothing by that point, they're both gone and the Raptors use that cap money on one or two nice free agents.

Either way, unless JO has helped the Raps to the Conference Finals I doubt they re-sign him at the age of 32 with the kind of free agents that'll be there.
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