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Default spurs need...

being a spurs fan ever since i met David Robinson in annapolis where im from , ive been watching the spurs since i could remember. the spurs had a great run...and are probably going to be an elite team for a good 2 or 3 more years. but why not acquire some youth while were waiting for timmy to age and parker to take that next step into superstar status. i think were either the oldest or 2nd oldest team (either us or the rockets i donno). we have a deep bench and all but why not get some youth or young prospects for like brent berry or oberto. or even horry (dont get me wrong i love horry but hes too old now). trade one of them for a player like: dorrell wright, gerald green, trevor ariza, travis outlaw....just an athletic body at the 2 or 3, or even some 4 in a small lineup with td at the 5. bowens gettin up there so why not get some players like those and pop well teach them how to play D. and we have one the best shooting coaches in the league. we lack athletisism and youth. we got to think about the future now...we got the rings and want more but lets remember were not getting any younger while we go through all these long series deep in the season. lets get somebody...hey i think freddie jones is a free agent.
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