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Default Re: Summer league game 4 (win vs Suns)

Originally Posted by new noise
What's the thought there in Portland about Bayless' position on the team? Ridiculous scorer, but he's had what, five or six assists combined in 4 games? Does he start right away at PG with Roy on the floor to take on the playmaking duties, with Blake/Fernandez backing them up?

What about Koponen, is he a lock for the roster?

You bastards. Enjoy the 17 championships you're bound to win.

Wow, apparently our guys are going to have long careers. Thanks for the comp anyway.

I'm starting to get excited about the idea of a Roy/Bayless and a Blake/Fernandez pairing. Though, I think Bayless will have to earn his spot over Blake, which may take a little time. What would be great about it though is that Roy and Blake are each play makers while Bayless and Fernandez are scorers, so matching Roy with one of the scorers and Blake with the other could be wise.

And no, Koponen isn't a lock. I hope he makes it though. I'd say 50/50 chance.
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