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Originally Posted by T-Low
Whenever I say "true center", I mean somebody that knows how to play the position and do it well. I don't mean someone that is officially labelled "center" coming into the league. If you have a center that knows how to play the position and isn't just a fluke, that is a "true center" in my eyes.
Like Ben Wallace? Who you normally wouldn't put at #5 cause of his height, but he's so strong, knows how to make space in the paint, is such a good shot blocker and plays such stong D that he can play that position...

I wouldn'y say either Haffa or Woods are good centres. Haffa's too mentally weak (he has a stong body, but doesn't use it right) and Woods is too damn skinny. The reason the Raps need a good centre is to relieve Bosh from playing the 5. He's not a true centre, but they always play him in that position. A strong centre is needed for when they play teams with good centres (like Miami). You can run a transition game all you want, but when the other team comes back and plays some 5-on-5 ball, you're screwed...
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