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Default Re: Olympic Qualifying Tournament

Nowitzki clearly deserved to be in the Olympics. Now, if we go back a few posts, Slovenia would be very, very good if they had their main players. I still don't see how the US teams were mediocre in the past few years, it really must be an excuse for not winning the gold, because other countries played with their mediocre teams also. And usually players don't play for nationals teams because they are injured, unlike Americans Shaq(fat, lazy), KG(thinks NBA is more important), Duncan(pissed off about national team before), etc. I don't see any reason the US doesn't bring it's all star teams, besides lack of patriotism, or pride, or especially, fear to lose.
I agree with R.I.P's comment, except for the Slovenia top 5 in the world, more like top 10, my top 5 would be Lithuania, Spain, Argentina, USA, and Greece, in no particular order. Slovenia could have done more in the Eurobasket, I loved how they beat Italy with Lakovic's shot. Anytime Italy loses, it's nice to see. I feel bad for Nesterovic, he deserved to be in the Olympics, and this was just an unlucky time for his country, missing so many players, especially Smodiz, who has no competition as the leader of Slovenia.
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