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Well lets see what espn says.
Jamal Crawford Trenton Hassell
pts 14.3 9.2
fg% .416 .464
reb 3.1 2.8
ast. 3.8 2.6
3pt% .345 .304
stl 1.1 0.6
ft% .822 .744

So let's see..... Crawford has Hassell beat on scoring, rebounding , assists, 3 pt%, free throws, STEALS,. Crawford is a better player no doubt. Also take in mind if you understand that crawford plays more in the fourth quarter than he do for most of the other 3 quaters, then he is the real deal. Hassell is a good player though. But Crawford is better. By the way some of these numbers are down for crawford's career. These were LAST years stats.
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