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Originally Posted by Koop1
both memphis and Seattle have taken strides to get better, and do look better for the upcoming season, and for the future then the kings
Kings need to sign someone they can build a team around, on their current roster there is no single player or group of players that seem like dominant players, Kevin Martin included. Martin would be better as a second or third option, a team will NEVER be built around Kevin Martin.

improving on 20 and 22 wins isn't saying much, and the fact that we won almost double that (38) with the injuries and trades we had, shows that we are a decent team and not as bad as everyone seems to think we are...i'm not claiming we are a playoff team or anything, but seattle and memphis are not likely to improve themselves as of right now, while our young players are developing, our team chemistry is working a little better, our coach has a year under his belt, so i think we are in a position to improve on our 38 wins, if even a few...portland was supposed to be pretty good this year and only won 41, so i'm just saying...don't underestimate this team and say their future is so damn bleak...
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