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Originally Posted by Perezident
hey guys i'm back ..... but i came back with some interesting news.... bonzi wells fired that jack of an ass called his agent today.... is this some indication that is leading him coming back to the kings uniform..... because it was he that caused bonzi not to take the money we offered him...... now it looks like to me that geoff must have still want bonzi back so maybe i thinking .. that geof told bonzi that if u firstly fire that moron we could start considering u comin back again....
but look for some key trades first for cap room and roster spots...hence jason hart and corlioss williamson to bobcats for future 2nd round draft picks...or potapenko to the blazers for a 2nd rounder cuz they are looking for more big bodies imo...... whats your take on this whole senario/situation
That's good for Bonzi to fire his agent, I think Bonzi can do good in Sac, Artest said he wanted him there, but most kings fan don't. Mabe a sign and trade is possible. I believe that could make the team a-lot better, depending who they trade for. As for your trade rumors ?
With the lost of Bozi, I thought the King were screwed, but if he returns or a sign or trade happens, new life for the Kings. I see not only a play-off spot but above a 7th or 8th.
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