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Default Best Players since 1975

Tier 1:
Federer (most complete player ever, without a doubt. McEnroe's feel, Lendl's levelheadedness, consistency and stamina, Sampras's serve and forehand, Baryshnikov's feet (there's not another tennis player ever who moved as well as he does), Safin's shotmaking.
as dominant over a short span as Borg was, and still has 7 or 8 good years ahead of him if he wants it -- SCARY. He'll never be the undisputed BE until he has 15 slams and at least 1 French Open, but he's certainly the best I've ever seen. Prime Fed beats prime Sampras 7 out of every 10, is my guess. Pete had an amazing serve, but plenty of holes in his game, and contrary to board opinion, did a lot more coasting on return games than Federer does. Fed just looks so relaxed out there, it can be wrongly interpreted as not trying. All the greatest athletes know how to relax out there: think of Gretzky, Jordan, Zidane (pre-headbutt), Bird.

Sampras (14 grand slams, best serve ever, clutch as hell, very graceful athlete),

Borg (5 wimbledons, 6 French Opens in a short career, several US Open Finals -- quit while he was still on top and still completely untouchable on clay. Prime Borg vs. Nadal on clay -- that's what I'd love to see.)

Tier 2:
Agassi (won each of the grand slams),

McEnroe (best touch and hands. as dominant as Federer for a short stretch, beat Connors 6-1, 6-1, 6-2 (or something like that) in a Wimbledon final.),

Connors (longevity, grand slam victories in different eras)

Lendl (7 straight US Open Finals, almost always playing at the end of grand slams for a long stretch),

Tier 3:



Tier 4
Courier, Rafter, Nadal (so far), Hewitt (maybe).... a few others might have a claim here.

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