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Default Re: Is our guard situation a problem?

Originally Posted by BrownBaller
look you made a dumb point, and you got caught, no need to try and senselessly defend. Ray Allen included in the guard lineup of rondo/cassel/house automatically makes it better no matter how sporadic he was from time to time, celtics would not be as good as they were without him period. I sense u have a personal dislike for allen, and even if u dont think he deserved an allstar spot, he was still one of the premier guards in the league, i'd take him over AP (but i'll admit a little bias because Ray is one of my favorite players...JESUS SHUTTLEWORTH).

Also if u wanna stretch it and just genralize it to Boston's perimeter play, as one guy said b4 in this post Paul Peirce, but also Tony Allen and Posey.
Generally in order to "get caught' you need to be lying about something. When I opened this thread and thought about guard situation i was thinking more in terms of our pg situation. I'm so sorry it offended you. I beg your forgiveness oh great one.
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