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Default Re: Is our guard situation a problem?

Originally Posted by BrownBaller
well the word 'point' would've help. the rest of this post just proves ur ignorance and idiocy.

anyway, yaa i think we are weak at both spots, roko looked ok in international competition (how much are we paying him?), but i mean getting a back up point like a marcus wiliams or brevin knight would of been cheap to get and slightly more experienced, as for SGs I have no idea who we couldve really got that would have been an upgrade over AP because he is pretty solid, just on the wrong side of the age hill.
My point was that strong guard play isn't the key to winning. It most certainly helps but i'd rather have the problem of half decent guard play and strong play from the bigs then to have strong guard play and weak bigs.. If you think the opposite of that you're kidding yourself.

And I like how people throw the word ignorance around without even knowing what it means. To say i'm ignorant would be to say that I don't KNOW or am uneducated to the fact that we have weak guard play. I clearly never said that, I just said I'd rather have our problem than strong guard play and weak bigs. So you showed your own idiocy and incoherence in not even knowing how to use the word correctly..
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