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Originally Posted by Buck
Since the beginning of free agency, Musselman (who has had a long history working with Bonzi at Portland and Memphis) has shown zero interest in having Bonzi return to the team. Plus, our new coach has been in close contact with K. Martin regardfing how to make the most of Kevin's skills in the new offensive scheme, at the #2 position.

What I'm s saying is, "The Kings are no longer interested in Bonzi's services."

I agree with Geoff Petrie--Hang on to those expiring contracts (Hart, Williamson, Potapenko) and be in a position to take advantage of opportunities in the free agency and draft in the next off season.

i agree wit u bigbboi where is this info coming from?????
u guys are really starting to bug me now with this bonzi situation honestly because u guys forgot who helped us not get sweep???? it was bonzi...i heard announcers calling him a "beast" it wasnt his fault that the money was turned down it was his stupid agent....whom bonzi strongly trusted to getting a good deal done thats all.... thats y his ass was fired... kevin martin isnt ready to be a high allstar vet which we need now....
it almost sounds like u guys dnt wanna win now but are looking 5 yrs down the line to win..... i'm like ron artest I WANT TO WIN NOW! and the only way that can happen if we sign bonzi or sign trade bonzi to get some role vet/players......lets stop being ignorant now and holding grudges for nuttin. if we can package our 3 expiring contracts and a second rounder for lets say a melvin ely plus we bring in bonzi....for a 1/2 yr contract we could be very well championship contenders and we''ll be a deep team ...think about it
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