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Default Re: Is our guard situation a problem?

Insightfull post Funk!!!

Every team has weaknesses. We were the envy of the league with our combination of point guards last year and we still flamed out quickly. Beaten by a big in the middle with some shooter on the outside, I'm talkng about Orlando here. So I'm game with changing direction this year. I like that we brought JO over and I think we might get by with the weak wing.

How weak will our wing positional play be and how are other coaches going to exploit that weakness? It's going to be harder to exploit because of JO. The flip side is how will the offense work, will having JO there help or hinder the offense?

It's not going to be the players that make the diference at this point, we have what we have and I don't expect anything else before the start of the season. It's about, how will Sam use what we have to increase our defensiveness and maintain or increase our offense in a divition that has gotten better. This is Sam's year, not the starters or the bench, it's Sam's year to prove to everybody that he has the capacity to develope some offense and defense with a team that is better then any other he has ever coached.

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