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Default Re: J.R. Smith.. maybe Ricky Davis?

Originally Posted by AI3Anthony
Do you think the Hawks will chase J.R. or Ricky since Childress is gone? The Nuggets offered J.R. a contract worth 3 mill a year. I think we can give him just a little more and sign him. He's a shooter, which is what we need. Not to mention he's freakishly athletic. We will lose Childress' rebounding and intagibles, but we gain offense and athleticism..
Wrong! The $3 million that was offered to him was his qualifying offer, which is an option that he can take. Meaning if he takes the $3 million qualifying offer then he will return to Denver to finish out his remaining year of his contract, thus becoming a free agent in 09-10 season. If Denver is going to offer him a multi-year contract then it's going to have be around 4-6 million a year, anything less than $4 million, I don't see J.R. taking. However, If lets say that both Denver and Atlanta were to offer him the same amount, then depending on what his role is going to be on that team, such as chances to start games, get alot of minutes, etc.. then I could see him choosing Atlanta over Denver simply because he knows that with Karl as Denvers head coach, it'll be a reminiscent of last season, where he saw a cut in his minutes and basically rode the bench in the entire 1st half of the season due to Karls massive ego.
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