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Default Re: Is our guard situation a problem?

Our backcourt is severely lacking in talent compared to many other teams', but AP is a solid guy who can really shoot and defends well, and Calderon is a very good all-around PG (except for defence), great shooter and floor leader.

The backups look dysmal on paper, especially since they are both new to the Raptors. Roko Ukic is a complete unknown, a skinny Euro kid whose game might not translate to the NBA at all. Hassan Adams is also young and apparently a good athlete and defender, but not much of an offensive threat, sounds kind of like a guard version of Moon. We really need to look into getting a 5th guard, but we literally have no money to pay anyone without going over the luxury tax. God damn it, why does Jermaine O'Neal make so much Goddam money? I mean, a lot of our relative success in the past two seasons has depended on different backcourt players stepping up on different nights. One night it would be TJ, one night Jose, one night it would be AP, one night it would be Delfino. We have to hope that Adams and especially Ukic can score the ball. And Kapono and Bargs have to step up on a more consistent basis, I seriously think that us winning will depend heavily on the scoring output of those two, they both are going to need to be in double digits most nights.

Bosh and JO should combine for around 40 pts most nights (hopefully more!).

Jose and AP, lets say 25, Jamario might get 10. That's 75 points. Not going to win most nights. Can Kapono and Bargs average 25 points between them? That's a bigger if than it should be.

Whatever, hopefully this **** works.
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