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Default Re: Is our guard situation a problem?

Originally Posted by RapsFan
But, all of those teams mentioned all has SICK guard play. The Bulls teams proved it can be done with marginal bigs who know their role. The same can't be said for teams with marginal guards is all I am saying. In fact, I would rather have solid, if unspectacular front court of guys who play their roles very well, and star perimiter play. However saying all's not like the bigs can be scrubs. No team can win with scrubs playing major roles, except those Bulls teams.

There have been lots and lots of teams with loaded front courts that didn't get over the hump...because their guard play wasn't at that top level.
You're dodging my question. Would you give those same teams with SICK guard play the same chances to win a championship with a lesser front court?

edit: I see you've answered it somewhat.. But let me go back to my Celtics example..

Kobe/Fisher/Farmar/Vujacic >>> Posey/R.Allen/House/Cassell/T.Allen IMO.. Yes Ray Allen is an All-star and had a great series but for the most part his role was as a spot up shooter (which is what AP does for us). House is not a ball handler and was pretty much a catch and shoot guy as well. Cassell and Tony Allen were good in spurts but nothing consistent either. James Posey was a very good role player, a good defender and a great spot up shooter, but not a creator like you've been saying we need.

I think that the true difference maker was KG on Gasol/Odom and whatever other bigs they threw at him. No he wasn't the main guy down the stretch but he was a driving force on that championship team.

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