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Default Re: Is our guard situation a problem?

Originally Posted by bokes15
You're dodging my question. Would you give those same teams with SICK guard play the same chances to win a championship with a lesser front court?

edit: I see you've answered it somewhat.. But let me go back to my Celtics example..

Kobe/Fisher/Farmar/Vujacic >>> Posey/R.Allen/House/Cassell/T.Allen IMO.. Yes Ray Allen is an All-star and had a great series but for the most part his role was as a spot up shooter (which is what AP does for us). House is not a ball handler and was pretty much a catch and shoot guy as well. Cassell and Tony Allen were good in spurts but nothing consistent either. James Posey was a very good role player, a good defender and a great spot up shooter, but not a creator like you've been saying we need.

I think that the true difference maker was KG on Gasol/Odom and whatever other bigs they threw at him. No he wasn't the main guy down the stretch but he was a driving force on that championship team.

You completely missed out on double P??

And Although a lot of championships have been won with strong guard play, some have been won with good big men...Like the Rockets The Dream & Spurs Twin Towers first couple of championships, the Boston Celtics of the Bird era...

And we would all love to have a great shooting guard or small forward! But lets see what happens before the trade deadline when teams become sellers and we are buying! we do have a pick to give away if needed...Hopefully the bobcats suck again this year and we can make a run at Jason Richardson on the Deadline...
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