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Default If you were Paxson and Management what would you do?

Personally, i understand the whole patience approach. but i dont see how we can be patient with this current roster. we had too bad a season last year to be satisfied with just improving a little bit. We are the Chicago Bulls and we need to get into the mindset of being a really good team in this league. we cant settle with being decent. This is just my opinion as a die hard fan and im willing to accept any positive or negative opinions about my view.
We drafted Derrick Rose with the #1 overall pick in the nba draft. wether or not we agree if that was the correct choice or not it was the choice that was made and we have to accept it and just look at the good things about it. hes a 19 year old with the potential to be a great point guard (very important position) and excellent leader. if the organization had enough confidence in this kid to use the #1 overall pick on him then we cant keep hinrich on the team. hinrich is paid too much money to be a back up. and i understand the whole not wanting to throw rose to the wolves but a number one pick isnt a bench player you have to expect him to start. so we need to move hinrich which can be moved to pick up a good big something we desperately need. after that we can get a veteran point guard or someone that would accept the role of being a back up to rose. now with the deng and gordon situations i feel as if we need to hold on to atleast deng if not both. i know the criticisms about gordon and i agree, but when it comes down to it the guy can flat out shoot the ball and put points on the board and is a clutch scorer also. i think he's a valuable player off the bench and can play the point a little while rose gets eased in. saying all that if the bulls cant reach a reasonable long term deal with gordon they should trade him because we shouldnt overpay him because the reality is he's a bench player. deng is someone who can start at the sf position for us for a long time. hes young and has shown he can contribute a great deal. i think alot of his struggles last year came along with outside forces such as coaching situation and the team overall suffering more then his personal skills suffering. i think we should be able to reach an agreement with him. with all that being said i just have to get a few more things off my chest. Noah is horrible. we can have him coming off the bench for energy and rebounding but if he starts for us we are in trouble. besides that i dont know how are salary/cap situation is and id like for someone to inform me if they do.
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