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Originally Posted by Hawker
Can anyone give me a summary of bush's speech without all the "bush is dumb" crap? Cus i couldnt watch it and i Kno bush is an idiot so no need to say it.

Watching it now:

So far, We went into Iraq because they were a threat
Terroists scared of freedom, seeing a free man vote scare them
WE gotta spread fredoom, blah blah, blah
good v. evil
They havent attacked since
"God made us to be free"

Bush and this whole speech is stupid. Tell the real reason you are in Iraq. You screwed up and dont know how to fix it. No one cares about spreading freedom, and what gives us the right to push our beliefs on other people. I cant stand Bush. If you wanna tackle a real threat mess with N. Korea. They were thumbing their nose at you like a month ago.
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