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Default Re: If you were Paxson and Management what would you do?

can't be touched! i thank god your not paxson! sign gordon to a short 3 yr deal? what?!? thats no gonna happen he's lookin for a long term major deal in the 50-60 mil range at least... anyways....

if i were paxson i would be doin the same thing he's doin now, he's not panicing and lookin to dish out hinrich for someone not worth hinrichs value, he's not offering what deng and gordon want cuz he knows alot of teams are over the cap right now and wont offer gordon and deng want, he's not buyin into the bs ultimatum deng put on pax/reinsdorf, and hes getting prepared for next years monster FA class, theres no need to pull trades right now, id rather wait till the middle of the season when some of those potential monster FA's threaten to not sign with there teams after the season so instead of letting there player walk without getting anything, theyll at least pull of a trade and get a little something for it, i trust pax, the bulls have been improving every year except lasts year, so he had one bad year... so what! he knows what hes doing, do u think he hired a rookie head coach and drafted derrick rose to win a championship now? hes obviously committed for the future, therefor im committed for the future, everybody take a chill pill and think of the greater GOOD!

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