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Default JJ Redick for 8th pick


well i know you guys would say why waste an 8th pick if you just pick redick but JJ is the best and most available player that can contribute in a NBA level. The kid is just awesome he plays (ACC) the toughness division in NCCA, most awarded player too (wooden & augustas), one of the Two players got invited to try out for the US nationals team.. well they are a lot of doubters about his game have you see how his offensive game was, the kid is just not a pure shooter but a Scorer as well here a mix of him

and you could see that in the mix most of the guys chasing him is 6'6 or 6'7 mosty of them are athletic and still JJ burn them. and he use wide array of fakes and nasty fall away. plus they say his defense is liability i dont think JVG would assigned him to guard top opposing scorers he's not the dumb. and wen some defender come he take a few driblle and pass to his open teamates easily like (shelden, josh, dock), so you could say he is an average good passer (Like alston). so can we say he is a good pick up for us, for sure teams will be hesistant to double Tmac and Yao coz they know JJ is waiting in the wings and ready to flys bombs. and even some of his draft Class (foye) admires how good he was in the last following Pre draft workouts (Read Foye interview) he mention JJ redick was one of the most impressive out there..

so if JJ is availble at 8th the rockets should take him. coz someday i dont want us too regret passing him by like the (Rashard lewis) thing we we drafted Eddie Griffin instead of him look at Rashard carreer (NOW)..
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