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Originally Posted by fatboy11
Mike Tyson signed with Pride to do boxing exhibitions only. As of right now, he's not going to do any kind of real boxing/fighting. And Bob Sapp is still technically under contract with K-1 even though he walked out of the last event he was scheduled for.

Hateraid, I'm a big Cheick Kongo fan as well. Really, I'm a fan of any man who throws vicious knees like that from the clinch. Love it. I think he'll make noise in a weak UFC heavyweight division.

That's the spelling. Totally a big fan. He's going to bring Muay Thai back in style. He's a big hitter and speed. Well suited to kill Tim Sylvia and his counter punching.
Same reason I love Caro. His Judo technique is superior. I love these traditional style coming back.
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