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Originally Posted by HaNdLe ThE RoCk
RW McQuarters and Sam Madison >> Colts Secondary

Sam Madison is a 5 Time Pro Bowler

RW McQuarters is a good DB, he did get that Interception on Peyton Sunday, and He's faster then any DB on the colts
ummm mcquarters is garbage, and we have mike doss as well... sanders and him beat madison hands down, also, how come peyton also went untouched, and YES eli got sacked, he fumbled the ball as well. However hmmm what about peyton, OOOH YEA he didnt fumble it...

also I notice you didnt post anything after saying "all those pics are garbage, etc etc etc." on my NFL is back topic", if you have anythin to say go ahead, i like debating with people like this, everyone gets to express their arguements on the topic

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