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Originally Posted by hawks4life
he hasnt done a good job but he hasnt done a bad job

his opponent john karey or w.e that was...what do you think he would have done differently? not gone to war to please a few ppl? how much longer you think those ppl against the war would stand that way after terrorsits would basically be getting the green light that they can **** with us and we wont do anything back...then what? kary would have to go to war. we would still be at where we are not saying bush has done goood, im just saying IMO that bush has us where we are quicker and a few less terrorists attacks than kerry would have led us through.
This is why Bush is our president, because of people like this. What does Iraq have to do with the War on Terrorism? Is he the mastermind behind 911? Where are the WOMD? Why would Bush give a damn if Iraq has freedom?
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