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Default Re: Depth chart?

Originally Posted by gasolina
Potential Depth chart?

C - Miller / Hawes
PF - Moore / Thompson / Shelden
SF - Garcia / Salmons / Ewing
SG - Martin / Salmons
PG - Udrih / B-Jax

Agree? Disagree?

Can someone elaborate on what role Thompson is going to play? Is he projected to start? Back up both big man spots? Or be a project?

from what little i've seen/heard about him, thompson could potentially (especially on the kings) back both spots. he's big and athletic - both qualities that are lacking in both the PF and C positions for us. from what i read though, supposedly in that trade to make salaries work or something, ewing and singletary would be going to houston and probably released or some **** - i dont really remember....

if that's the case, ironically, i think there would be too many PGs with udrih, singletary, brown and bobby jax, and it would leave us yet again, lacking in the big man department. i wish we coulda kept justin williams and let him develop correctly giving him minutes. oy...i just want smart deals from here on out...the one for bobby and basically 2 #1 picks for a loon (albeit a talented one) who was gonna leave anyway was brilliant IMO. i haven't seen greene so i can't speak to his potential, but i haven't heard anything bad yet about him.

so if you include him, and get rid of ewing, and include bobby brown too then the depth chart looks more like:


young but potentially solid...i dont necessarily foresee an increase in wins with this team this season, but if we get maybe one more solid big man and the kids develop nicely and get some decent team chemistry i think it could be a 45-50 win team in a couple seasons
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