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Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Defense doesn't win **** anymore, wake up? If it did we would have won it the past two years, because our defensive supporting cast is light years beyonf Chicago's. Bulls fans are in for a major let-down.

my fault for comin on your site and talkin sh!te but that cat final wrath has been hatin on the bulls in the chicago one and wouldn't tell me where he was from
so i got mad excited when i seen he was from detroit and was salty about ben
but anyway
all you detroit fan think defense is overated now that you lost ben
the bulls have a killer all around game not just d
the bulls main thing is team work and hustle
hustle wins games
our offense will be better with ben than with tyson, first of all ben averaged more points than tyson
ben will set hard picks and not moving picks like tyson does
he will get more second chance shots for the bulls than tyson
on defense other than the obvious power in the paint, ben will let kirk and gordan run the floor when a shot goes up instead of them haveing to try to get boards
the bullies will get a lot more fast break points this year
and all the bulls will look much better on d now that they don't have to worry about the inside as much
my fault for ranting on the pidtons page i'm just not a fan of final wrath, you guys should still have a good squad this year
and i didn't come on here and say we were going to win it all this year i keep that to the chi town page
peace out
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