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Default Re: Hoffa wasn't really that bad if you think about it

Originally Posted by Jalen5
He just couldn't adpte to the rules of a big man, he doesn't undertand how not to foul during defendsively and that hurts him and he can get away with it in college because he was a big aggressive beast. Just couldn't do that in NBA.

In a way he's right. Look at Joel Graham, if he were taken at 7th place, you all would of said the same thing as u said about Hoffa except for the foul trouble part.
Nobody really compliments Joey Graham.. and yeah there's obviously a difference between being taken in 7th vs being taken 16th.. But that's besides the point. He was unathletic, slow, a horrible defender and unable to keep up with the NBA game, hence the reason he's playing in Russia for 500k. Joey didn't really make any bit of difference on our team last year, but at the very least you can say, well the guy is incredibly athletic. I don't really know what good we can say about Hoffa. It's not about what he did in college, it's about what he did as the 7th pick in the NBA draft.
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