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1. Liverpool/PSV was the game featured on ESPN2. Total snoozefest. Benitez is one of the most negative managers I have ever seen. Keeping Gerrard on the bench for 3/4 of the game is just bizarre. But he must know what he's doing because he's one of the best cup managers' in the world right now.

2. Barcelona is just too good. Winning a Champion's League match 5-0 in a monsoon says it all. If Thuram stays healthy they won't be beat.

3. Inter Milan are the Knicks of European football. Spend loads and loads of money on name players, yet underachieve every season.

4. Chelsea also spends a ton of money, but unlike Inter they know what they're doing. Chelsea/Barcelona on Halloween. Wow.

5. Lyon/Real Madrid is going to be a nice match tomorrow. Especially after the buttkicking Madrid took from them last year.
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