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Alright, after witnessing that beat down last night, here is what I'm hoping occurs in game 3 and the rest of the series:

- The Heat play big and power. Let the Mavs hit the outside shots, but we need shot blockers and rebounders. We can't let the Mavs get any second oppurtunities. We also need two big players in the post to get a lot of second chances on the offensive end.

- The Mavs role players cool off. This always happens on the road, so I'm not too worried about this. I think Terry and Stackhouse, in particular, will have off nights FINALLY!

- Drive the ball or pass it inside EVERY TIME. For every turnover that might occur from being too agressive, there will be at least 2 easy baskets and 3 or 4 fouls. DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE!

- Shaq responds with a monster game. I'm sure there's a stat out there about how after a horrible game, Shaq always come back huge. I'm thinking he pulls a 30-15-5-4 out of his bag of tricks.

- The Heat role players step it up. That means no blown layups Jason Williams ().

- The Heat will start hitting their free-throws. I think Shaq will get back up to 50%, which at this point would be a GODSEND.
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