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Default Re: Hoffa wasn't really that bad if you think about it

Originally Posted by b4ball
I did like some of his hard fouls. I remember him sending Wince down hard one game and Wince came up quickly and angrily to see who had done that to the great one and quickly capitulated, it was funny. I think their is always room for an enforcer, one who knows his job, and frankly, would the Raps have been known as a soft team if we had Hoffa on the bench for those, ah, special fouls?
The thing is, his role wasn't to be an enforcer, he just didn't know how to stay in the game. When we had Oakley he was a true enforcer. He could play solid defense but if he was beat he simply wouldn't let the person get to the rim without taking them down. It's one thing to intentionally foul and another to play defense about as much as your capabilities will allow and average like 2 fouls a minute i think it was.
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