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Lightbulb Turn An NBA Player To An NFL Player

I was watching The Best Damn Sports Show Period and they had Lebron and they were interviewing him. They asked him "What would you be doing if you werent a Pro basketball player?" and he said " A Footbal Player". That got me wondering what position would Lebron play in NFL if he made it, i was thinking WR but i dont know what Lebrons speed is. Soo basically this thread is about current NBA players that could play in NFL(your opinion), what position? Why? and Physical he has that will make him make it in the NFL. I decided to go with Lebron:

Lebron James, Position : DE , Comparision: Julius Peppers

Reason: I wanted to go with WR but i dont know Lebrons speed but i think Lebron would be an excellent DE. He is like Julius a standing around 6-8 and an atheletic freak with excellent speed for that position and both love getting physical.

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