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Charlie doesn't have to slim down to become quicker. He's a strong player who is not overweight. If he slims down he has to lose muscle. You only ask overweight players to slim down to become quicker.

You can't make Charlie into another player. He's not the type of player who is going to average 6 assists per game like Diaw. Charlie is what he is. I'm not against trading him for another player, it makes sense simply because he has value. I'd love to find a way to keep him as I love his game but it's true, we don't have a lot of tradeable assets so you have to look at a lot of things. I think that Colangelo has a good grasp on his job, I don't see Colangelo trading Charlie for a minor player. We'll get value back if we are willing to trade a valuable player.

If the rumours are true that Colangelo could pull off a blockbuster trade, who's going to go? If it's not Bosh, then it has to be CV3 or Mo-Pete. Trading anybody else on the team wouldn't be considered a blockbuster. We have 2 guys other than bosh who carry value on the trade market. They are Mo-Pete, and Charlie V. We're not going to get value for Bonner, or Eric Williams. Who's left Pape Sow? Joey Graham? neither of those players has developed enough to be of any real value. Other teams may take a chance on them based on potential, but there isn't anybody who carries value like Bosh, Mo-Pete and Charlie. So if we want to see improvement, that's who you're looking at losing.

The key is to not look at who we might be losing, because we know who they are, but the key is to look at what we can get back in return.
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