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Default Re: Hoffa wasn't really that bad if you think about it

Babcock wasn't as bad as everyone else says he was. Araujo wasn't his pick, it was jack mccloskey's pick (Babcock had been a GM for 3 months, you really think he had time to pick and choose his guy for the draft). The VC trade that everyone else says was such a disaster, in the end, benefited us with JO now. How?

That 16th pick was very crucial. If we hadn't acquired that 16th pick, we couldn't have picked Villanueva with our 7th pick (meaning we couldn't have landed Ford). The reason we picked Villanueva was because we had an extra pick that we could use for the SF (and it was between Granger, Green and Graham). Granger is the best out of the bunch but it was his knee problems that forced teams to back out from picking him higher than he was and Babcock wasn't gonna take a chance. Green hasn't done anything and neither has Graham.

Also, acquiring Eric Williams which was an expirer next year, we packaged it for Rasho.

Colangelo stepped in and sped up the process (and it could fall flat in our faces if his moves don't work out), but Babcock's vision was different. He wanted to build a winner for the long term and slowly. He now works with Minnesota, and well, I am pretty sure they are getting a lot of input from Babcock. And it's slowly becoming a pretty solid team.

While on face value, it doesn't look good, you have to be fair with Babcock, he wasn't given the opportunity to see his vision through. He worked with us for what, like a year only? And in that, he had his best player not playing his hardest, and the second best offer was an expirer in SAR, meh. He wasn't given a lot to work with, Colagelo was...
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