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Default Re: Hoffa wasn't really that bad if you think about it

It's easy to go through all the outcomes that came from moves years ago. It doesn't mean Babcock was good at all. The VC deal was still terrible no matter how you slice it. I agree that the Hoffa pick wasn't all him, but he had a part for sure. The Graham pick was bad then and still bad now. You can't say Babcock had a part in getting JO because he got blitzed on the VC deal that then got us CVill at #7 so another GM could deal him for TJ and then deal TJ for JO blah blah blah. Babcock was still one of the worst GMs for his short tenure the league has seen.

It's like Knicks fans saying in 3 years when Zach is expiring and they move him for a solid player that Isiah was good because he layed the groundwork for that deal.

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