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Default Re: Hoffa wasn't really that bad if you think about it

Originally Posted by RapsFan
Well the cap space wasn't Babcock. He didn't have the balls to make an obvious move and our interim GM actually pulled the trigger and fleeced NY to take on Jalen.

Actually, the reason Babcock didn't pull that off is because he had a bunch of guys coming off payroll when Jalen was (that means more capspace to sign a big FA). He had Eric Williams, Bonner, Jalen, Alonzo's too I believe and that's a good amount of change right there. Also, he wanted that draft pick, because he was trying to acquire as many young talents as he could. Like I said, I wanted to see Babcock's vision through, but I don't think he got a fair opportunity. I just think he never had as much to work with as Colangelo did. Colagelo's vision was also different, Brian came in and he wanted to make the playoffs right away, and that's what he went for. Babcock wanted young players to grow together and be an annual playoff team and compete for years. Raptors as it is now, is more year to year, I mean if JO goes down, we are done.

This is not to criticize Colangelo, because I think he has done a fantastic job of what he is trying to do and his goals. It's more of a risk, but a much greater reward and quicker. But we shouldn't just dismiss Babcock. He also drafted Roko Ukic. But what I don't get is, why is Uros Slokar not in the league? I thought he could've been a pretty solid off the bench big guy. He was pretty polished offensively. Had a shot, some post game, very good foot work, but just never got the opportunity...
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