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Default Re: Hoffa wasn't really that bad if you think about it

Originally Posted by b4ball
I think their is always room for an enforcer, one who knows his job, and frankly, would the Raps have been known as a soft team if we had Hoffa on the bench for those, ah, special fouls?

There's always room for a big body, but not the brainless no-athleticism type. It's not hockey. If every single team in the league had a Dwight Howard or a Tim Duncan to contend with, then I could see some limited use for a Hoffa to come in and hack away to soak up some fouls. Such isn't the case, which is why we've really started to see the extinction of the slow, lumbering, unathletic stiff of a center.

Even a pile of salty garbage with stumps for hands like Kwame Brown will always have a contract in the NBA over a Hoffaesque type, because he's at least got the bare minimum of athleticism needed to change a shot here and there.
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