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Default Re: Is our guard situation a problem?

Originally Posted by RapsFan
I have to say, that is a pretty wild statement in my opinion. There is no way that Jose and 3 guys who either have never played in the NBA or played very little is better then Jose, Ford and Dixon.

I am just saying it from the raptors perspective:

Calderon + Ukic + Adams + Solomon
- calderon plays more minutes (desired level)
- adams and ukic have better size than dixon, martin and ford (better defence)
- soloman = playoff experience
- dudes are cheaper

Calderon + Ford + Dixon + Martin
- PG fight - bad morale, Ford wining and damaging team
- Ford is injure proned
- poor defense overall

how can we not be in a better position than before!
you have to understand that there are only 48 minutes of game time... and probably 60 minutes in total between these 4 PG/SG/Combo guards.
So "Is our guard situation a problem?" and "should be trade Bargs for Pargo?" my answer was/is no because we've made a significant step forward already

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