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Default Re: Do we have $ 10Million in Players/Contracts/Exceptions....

Originally Posted by RapsFan
I don't think either of us know the effort level that Ben Gordon puts forth on the basketball court enough to make a comment like this. Pure speculation. Just because a guy is good at scoring doesn't mean he's not good at other things.

well he could have shown something no? bruce bowen shows he can play defense (though many may argue that is really just with his feet :) ), and we know his offense isnt spectacular, but he can be effective , some guys excel at defense, some excel at offense, sometimes u get a blend like a ron artest, but i think its safe to say gordon is a scorer, and he is pretty much a combo guard or shooting guard in a point's body or w/e else they are called, and they tend to be scorers i feel.

plus he is a sixth man a la bobby jackson back in the day i feel, but better in the scoring sense.

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