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Knowing wikipedia's stance on being very careful with the posting of copyrighted material, I actually expect them to use Jason Kidd's mug shot. Ditto with Kobe Bryant.

Wikipedia policy is generally, "if you're going to use a photo or other illustration, our first choice is for you to use one that is not copyrighted." Documents produced by a governmental body - including police photos - are by policy not copyrighted, but a part of the public domain, meaning Wikipedia can use them without fear of lawsuit.

Wikipedia's second choice is "use something you created and place it in the public domain." Their third choice is "get permission, then use it." Their FOURTH choice is "make a down-sized (thumbnail) picture and use it under Fair Use provisions in copyright."

That is why you see J-Kidd's mugshot. It's not vandalism, so much as Wikipedia protecting itself from legal liability (copyright infringement charges).
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