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Default The Rapture is coming

With the War goin on. Millions of people getting killed. And also conflict going on between the US and Iran and Korea, who knows if that's where it ends. Could it be? With so much conflict and potentially a lot more wars, could the rapture be coming? We're already battling a brutal war in Iraq. It won't get any better in Iran and definitely in Korea. Wars against 3 different countries. That's gunna start a lot of destruction. Other countries will have to be involved. The US is powerful, but we can't take on 3 different nations, especially if Korea is involved. It's only obvious. Is it God's way of bringing us back home to heavan and leaving the non-believers back on Earth to suffer? Revelations says that there will be wars and horrible things going on during rapture. Jesus Christ, himself, will come down and save the believers and the non-believers will be left behind as the world gets obliterated little by little making Earth complete Hell.

I just thought I would post something to think about.
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